Working Virtually Throughout the
COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) continues to impact the global community, the Marketing Dimensions team would like to update you on the steps we have taken to ensure business continuity for all our customers, friends, family and community.

We wish to support our customers to ensure you have access to business solutions, when ever needed. I know you’ve likely been inundated with communications like this one. Even so, I wanted to share some of the steps we are taking to maintain business continuity, whilst working hard to protect the relationships, networks and social value that has elevated our business and the communities we serve.

As we have all experienced the shock, confusion and frustrations of the past few weeks, Marketing Dimensions has switched easily into virtual mode and successfully supported a number of new and significant clients to move to new ways of working and quickly adapt to change. Securing their end customer confidence, staff commitment and supply chain support has been paramount, and we have helped them to do just that. 

Marketing Dimensions has been operational for nearly 16 years, but we have had to dig deep! The lessons learned from numerous national and global economic disruptions in the past, are serving us and our clients well, and we are naturally working out how to continue to provide a service to our clients, in spite of COVID-19.

As specialists in business continuity, our clients recognise our desire to support the building of resilience and the future proofing of their business performance and underlying business processes.

We have applied a progressive programme of change and improvement over the past weeks, including:

  • Reminding the team about hand-washing and general hygiene factors
  • Providing the technologies to allow social distancing, having adopted additional cloud based remote communications and working platforms
  • Providing flexible, virtual coaching and mentoring to our clients
  • Preparing our business infrastructure to support existing clients and working out protocols for our new clients
  • Ensuring that our client objectives are well defined, and our deliverables are clearly executed 
  • Working together with our supply chain providers to ensure resilience

We will continue to help all customers in any way possible. If we cannot answer the question, we will turn to our extensive network to help you. We anticipate that we will be focusing on the following critical areas and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could help your business to succeed in these challenging  times:

  • Leading in a time of crisis
  • Authentic communication that wins hearts and minds
  • Social distancing without revenue disruption
  • Keeping your people engaged and productive through the crisis 
  • Protecting your company’s economic health
  • Maintaining valued contact and communications throughout your customers’ journey
  • Mutual benefit supply chain management
  • Employing agile reward strategies for a volatile world
  • Crisis-proofing your talent processes 
  • Creating effective coaching and learning experiences in a virtual environment


The following links might help to keep you up to date on the topics we are all facing:

On a personal note, we wish you all the best.  Stay healthy, positive and safe and please contact us if you need any additional support.

Caroline and Nigel