Consultancy Services

Ask us about our practical approach to business development, marketing and operational management. We offer a range of services that help our clients to analyse their current situation and provide solutions to help them grow their businesses, including:

Initial Review

Diagnostic Audit

Business Processes

Research and Customer Insight

Sales, Marketing, Operational or Business Planning

Team Review

Initial review
Designed to identify the major commercial and operational issues affecting the business. Normally carried out with senior management on client premises.

Diagnostic audit
Providing a more detailed analysis of key internal and external business issues using available market research reports, customer feedback, operational procedures, management information and a brief competitor analysis.

Business process development
An analysis of business process from a commercial objective and customer journey perspective will reveal functional and business efficiency and effectiveness.

Documenting key processes, identifying and measuring key business success factors and setting challenging job descriptions enables the achievement of predictable and profitable business growth

Research and customer insight
A market research or a customer insight programme undertaken to support the development of a new product or market; to evaluate the competitive landscape or to determine attitudes and perceptions towards the business from a customer perspective.

Sales, Marketing, Operational or Business Planning
Once the research phase is complete, an action plan can be written, leading to a programme of work being developed and implemented in line with the agreed business objectives.

Team review
Sales, marketing and operational teams can be reviewed and practical advice can be provided to improve team efficiency and performance and to improve business processes and return on investment in people.